Because the real hero of Art Vinyl is the record sleeves themselves, we run a program of exhibitions that celebrate the best in sleeve design.


Hospital Records 25th Anniversary


With one half of Hospital Records founders starting creative life in graphic design, it wasn’t surprising that they were one of the first dance labels to curate an Art Vinyl exhibition on Broadway Market.

Chris Goss from Hospital has always ensured the quality of record sleeve designs have stayed ahead of the game when it comes to original design and at the same time retaining a cheeky spirit.

In 2021 Hospital Records celebrate 25 years in the business with a brand new VIRTUAL ART VINYL EXHIBITION hosted at the HQ of Defected Records in London. 

Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps comments, “Yet again from our side it’s been ‘necessity the mother of invention’ with a positive outcome. This exhibition would normally have been seen by many hundreds but now, thanks to a forced transfer into a virtual digital gallery space, many thousands can enjoy at their leisure the sleeve art and designs from one of the UK’s leading independent dance labels. Not to say that a bit of physical interaction with the art and music wouldn’t be very welcome again!”