Because the real hero of Art Vinyl is the record sleeves themselves, we run a program of exhibitions that celebrate the best in sleeve design.


The Art & Music of 60’s London

The Art & Music of 60’s London

Art Vinyl, and ‘The British music Experience’ put together this exhibition at the Carnaby Street gallery of record cover art that reflects 1960’s London. A decade of creativity in record cover art and design exploded in the 60’s!

Sleeves are like doorways, not only into the music, but also into the back catalogue of our lives. Some of these sleeves belong to a period when Britain was shaking off post war austerity, and the new youth culture was taking over. With this energy came an intense period of change – skirts became shorter, music diversified and Pop Art began to light up a now swinging London. Right at the heart of all this was of course Carnaby Street…

So when looking at the sleeves in your collections and this exhibition, stop for a moment and remember. You’re not just looking at a collection of designs; you’re looking at the growth of a dream.